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LebMASH speaks depression with queer Syrian refugees

The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health LebMASH gave a presentation on Monday the 3rd of February 2014 about depression and its management to a group of non-heterosexual Syrian refugees part of the Whispers Project by Proud Lebanon, a relatively new non-governemental organization. 

The presentation was interactive where most of the participants talked about their own experience with depression. Symptoms of depression were explained, especially how it differs from transient sad mood. The presentation also dealt with the etiologies of depression, and the risk factors, especially the environmental stressors, and the history of trauma or the exposure to political violence and oppression.

Another section of the presentation was about management of depression, and the participants had many questions about antidepressants and tranquilizers: difference between them, delay of action, side effects, duration of treatment, risk of addiction.  Other aspects of depression management were also explained, with an emphasis on psycho-social support.

A big thanks to our own Dr. Hala Kerbage, a LebMASH Partner, who conducted the session and wrote the above briefing. Thanks to Proud Lebanon for taking such an initiative to educate GBT Syrian refugees about sexual and mental health among other services they provide.

Proud Lebanon organization - LebMASH


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